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don’t you wish there was a small trick or two that could make you more attractive to the opposite sex? it turns out there are plenty.we combed through some recent scientific studies to find personal grooming tips, dietary changes and other fixes that are proven to

make you more attractive.


1、go for a ride…on a roller coaster. 坐……过山车

take your date or someone you want to be romantically involved with on a roller coaster.a study from earlier last year revealed that roller coaster riders found their non-romantic co-riders more attractive after a whip around the track, according to the daily mail.there was no difference for couples who were already romantically linked, so this trick only works with potential partners.


2、eat your fruits and vegetables for glowing skin. 多吃水果蔬菜让肌肤焕发光彩

eating more fruits and vegetables is a natural way to make your skin look more attractive, a study from plos one

showed.the redness and yellowness of skin in white people may be linked to the number of servings of fruit and vegetables they eat daily, the study showed. fruits and vegetables are loaded with antioxidants and plant-based pigments, which seem to give skin a healthy hue.better yet, the results are instant. participants in the study had rosier cheeks and healthier looking skin with just an increase of one portion of fruit and vegetables a day.


3、keep those teeth pearly white 保持牙齿白亮

a study confirmed the obvious, that a white and evenly spaced set of teeth make people seem more attractive.the study, from researchers at the british universities of leeds and central lancashire, found that teeth are “the human equivalent of a peacock’s tail,” according to the daily mail.they are a sign of health and good genetics that help select a mate.



ladies, pick up some red lipstick next time you’re at the drug store. a woman’s lips are the most attractive part of her body, especially when colored with red lipstick, a study from the manchester university revealed. the study found that men stared at a woman’s lips for seven full seconds when they were colored red. in comparison, they spent just 0.95 seconds looking at her eyes and 0.85 seconds gazing at her hair.


5、play dumb (but only if you’re looking for a fling) 装傻(仅限于找一夜情的情况)

this one pains us to write. but ladies, if you’re looking for a one-night stand, it’s best to play it stupid. in a study recently published in evolution and human behavior, graduate students at the university of texas–austin found that that men were most attracted to women who appeared “dimwitted- or immature,” or “sleepy or intoxicated” for a one-night stand.women who appeared quick-witted and lucid, on the other hand, were found less physically attractive. thankfully, the opposite was true when men were seeking long-term partners.

德州大学奥斯丁分校的研究生在《进化与人类行为》杂志上近期发表的研究发现,男人更喜欢那些看起来“笨笨的、单纯的” 或“昏昏欲睡醉酒的”女人们来玩一夜情。我们十分纠结到底要不要列出这一点。如果你想找的是一夜情,那么最好的办法就是装傻。而那些聪明机警头脑清楚的女人反而缺少点魅力。不过谢天谢地,在男人们寻找长期伴侣时,结论完全是反过来的。

6、ladies—smile! 女士们笑一个!

ladies, a simple smile will help a guy find you more attractive. happiness is the most attractive emotion in females, a study called “happy guys finish last: the impact of emotion expressions on sexual attraction” from emotion showed.


7、guys—brood a little more. 男士们还是深沉点吧

brooding and swaggering men are much more attractive than men who are smiling, according to a recent study from the university of british columbia. in fact, the women surveyed said happiness was the least attractive quality in a man. the study could explain why some women are attracted to the “bad boy” persona.


8、and shave those beards.男士们还要记得刮胡子

women did not rate men with have bearded faces as more attractive in a recent study in the oxford journal. the study found that men with beards were seen as more aggressive and of a higher social-status, but not better looking.


9、take a deep breath and relax. 深吸一口气放松

women find less-stressed men substantially more attractive than their more-stressed out rivals, a study, published in proceedings of the royal society b journal found. the study’s researchers concluded that men with low stress levels are more attractive, because handling a stressful situation suggests having a “strong” genetic makeup and that can be passed on to children.


10、play hard to get. 保持神秘感

in another odd turn of human behavior, a study in psychological science showed that women found a man more attractive when she wasn’t sure how strongly he felt about her, as opposed to when she was certain he was very interested in her. the study found that women started thinking about a man more when she was uncertain if he really liked her or not. then, she would conclude she liked him since she couldn’t “get this guy out of her head.” overall, the study suggested that if men hold back some of their feelings at the very beginning, and

create some mystery, he’ll be more likely to hook a member of the opposite sex.

研究这又牵扯到人类一个奇怪的行为了,《心理科学》杂志的研究表明,如果女人们并不清楚自己在男人心中的地位,则那个男人会更有魅力,然而一旦获知男人对她很感兴趣,那么这个男人似乎就没那么有魅力了。发现当女人并不确定男人是否喜欢她时,会不断的想起这个男人。然后她就会觉得已经喜欢上了他,因为这个男人一直在她的脑海挥之不去。 总的来说,如果男人们想一直保持最初在女人心中的感觉,那就制造点神秘感吧,这会让你吸引一大批异性哦。




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